Proceedings of the 11th International Network Optimization Conference (INOC), Dublin, Ireland, March 11-23, 2024

Series ISSN: 2510-7437
Original publisher:, ISBN: 978-3-89318-096-7, Electronic Edition

Front Matter

[PDF] [DOI] Foreword
Paula Carroll, Deepak Ajwani   pp. 1–3

Research Paper

[PDF] [DOI] Ensemble pruning via an integer programming approach with diversity constraints
Marcelo Antônio Mendes Bastos, Humberto Brandão, Cristiano Arbex Valle   pp. 4–9
[PDF] [DOI] Survivable Traffic Grooming with Practical Constraints in Large-Scale Optical Network
Jianwei Niu, Junyan Liu, Fan Zhang, Fabo Sun, Kerong Yan, Junqi Ma   pp. 10–15
[PDF] [DOI] Multi-Objective Multi-Commodity Flow Optimization for Wartime Planning with Cyber-Effects
Alex Hoffendahl, Chancellor Johnstone, Alex Stephens, Richard Dill, Lance Champagne   pp. 16–21
[PDF] [DOI] Digraphs and k-Domination Models for Facility Location Problems in Road Networks: Greedy Heuristics
Lukas Dijkstra, Andrei Gagarin, Padraig Corcoran, Rhyd Lewis   pp. 22–27
[PDF] [DOI] On the nested p-center problem
Christof Brandstetter, Markus Sinnl   pp. 28–33
[PDF] [DOI] In-Band Network Telemetry for Efficient Congestion Mitigation
Youcef Magnouche, Sébastien Martin, Jeremie Leguay, Paolo Medagliani   pp. 34–39
[PDF] [DOI] Learning to Prune Instances of Steiner Tree Problem in Graphs
Jiwei Zhang, Dena Tayebi, Saurabh Ray, Deepak Ajwani   pp. 40–45
[PDF] [DOI] Compact and non-compact formulations for the Dominated Coloring Problem
Dilson Lucas Pereira, Abilio Lucena, Alexandre Salles da Cunha   pp. 46–51
[PDF] [DOI] Exploring quantum optimization for solving the PCI planning problem in 5G networks
Erico Teixeira, Adriano Borges, Pamela Bezerra   pp. 52–57
[PDF] [DOI] Multi-depot split delivery of batches
Críston Souza, Andréa Santos   pp. 64–69
[PDF] [DOI] A Guided Insertion Mechanism for Solving the Dynamic Large-Scale Dial-a-Ride Problem
Chijia Liu, Alain Quilliot, Hélène Toussaint, Dominique Feillet   pp. 70–75