Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT), Genoa, Italy, 2013

Original publisher: ACM New York, ICPS - International Conference Proceedings Series, ISBN: 978-1-4503-1598-2, Electronic Edition

Front Matter

Invited lectures

Research Sessions

Award papers
[PDF] [DOI] A theory of pricing private data.
Chao Li, Daniel Yang Li, Gerome Miklau, Dan Suciu   pp. 33-44
Semi-structured data and XML
[PDF] [DOI] Fast learning of restricted regular expressions and DTDs.
Dominik D. Freydenberger, Timo Kötzing   pp. 45-56
[PDF] [DOI] Which DTDs are streaming bounded repairable?
Pierre Bourhis, Gabriele Puppis, Cristian Riveros   pp. 57-68
[PDF] [DOI] XML compression via DAGs.
Markus Lohrey, Sebastian Maneth, Eric Noeth   pp. 69-80
Query processing and optimization
[PDF] [DOI] Recursive queries on trees and data trees.
Serge Abiteboul, Pierre Bourhis, Anca Muscholl, Zhilin Wu   pp. 93-104
[PDF] [DOI] On optimum left-to-right strategies for active context-free games.
Henrik Björklund, Martin Schuster, Thomas Schwentick, Joscha Kulbatzki   pp. 105-116
Graph databases
[PDF] [DOI] Walk logic as a framework for path query languages on graph databases.
Jelle Hellings, Bart Kuijpers, Jan Van den Bussche, Xiaowang Zhang   pp. 117-128
[PDF] [DOI] Querying graph databases with XPath.
Leonid Libkin, Wim Martens, Domagoj Vrgoc   pp. 129-140
[PDF] [DOI] Definability problems for graph query languages.
Timos Antonopoulos, Frank Neven, Frédéric Servais   pp. 141-152
Provenance and annotations
[PDF] [DOI] Algebraic structures for capturing the provenance of SPARQL queries.
Floris Geerts, Grigoris Karvounarakis, Vassilis Christophides, Irini Fundulaki   pp. 153-164
[PDF] [DOI] A propagation model for provenance views of public/private workflows.
Susan B. Davidson, Tova Milo, Sudeepa Roy   pp. 165-176
[PDF] [DOI] Annotations are relative.
Peter Buneman, Egor V. Kostylev, Stijn Vansummeren   pp. 177-188
Data exchange and query answering
[PDF] [DOI] Schema mappings and data exchange for graph databases.
Pablo Barceló, Jorge Pérez, Juan L. Reutter   pp. 189-200
[PDF] [DOI] Containment of pattern-based queries over data trees.
Claire David, Amélie Gheerbrant, Leonid Libkin, Wim Martens   pp. 201-212
[PDF] [DOI] Access patterns and integrity constraints revisited.
Vince Bárány, Michael Benedikt, Pierre Bourhis   pp. 213-224
Ranking query answers
[PDF] [DOI] Using the crowd for top-k and group-by queries.
Susan B. Davidson, Sanjeev Khanna, Tova Milo, Sudeepa Roy   pp. 225-236
[PDF] [DOI] Certain and possible XPath answers.
Sara Cohen, Yaacov Y. Weiss   pp. 237-248
[PDF] [DOI] On optimal differentially private mechanisms for count-range queries.
Chen Zeng, Jin-Yi Cai, Pinyan Lu, Jeffrey F. Naughton   pp. 261-271
[PDF] [DOI] Private decayed predicate sums on streams.
Jean Bolot, Nadia Fawaz, S. Muthukrishnan, Aleksandar Nikolov, Nina Taft   pp. 284-295