Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT), Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2009

Original publisher: ACM New York, ICPS - International Conference Proceedings Series, Volume: 361, ISBN: 978-1-60558-423-2, Electronic Edition

Front and Back Matter

Invited papers

Research Sessions

Data exchange
[PDF] [DOI] Structural characterizations of schema-mapping languages.
Balder ten Cate, Phokion G. Kolaitis   pp. 63-72
[PDF] [DOI] Query languages for data exchange: beyond unions of conjunctive queries.
Marcelo Arenas, Pablo Barceló, Juan L. Reutter   pp. 73-83
[PDF] [DOI] Querying data sources that export infinite sets of views.
Bogdan Cautis, Alin Deutsch, Nicola Onose   pp. 84-97
Data structures and algorithms
[PDF] [DOI] Optimal splitters for database partitioning with size bounds.
Kenneth A. Ross, John Cieslewicz   pp. 98-110
[PDF] [DOI] Efficient data structures for range-aggregate queries on trees.
Hao Yuan, Mikhail J. Atallah   pp. 111-120
[PDF] [DOI] Faster join-projects and sparse matrix multiplications.
Rasmus Resen Amossen, Rasmus Pagh   pp. 121-126
[PDF] [DOI] Incremental XPath evaluation.
Henrik Björklund, Wouter Gelade, Marcel Marquardt, Wim Martens   pp. 162-173
[PDF] [DOI] Efficient asymmetric inclusion between regular expression types.
Dario Colazzo, Giorgio Ghelli, Carlo Sartiani   pp. 174-182
[PDF] [DOI] How big must complete XML query languages be?
Clemens Ley, Michael Benedikt   pp. 183-200
[PDF] [DOI] Towards a theory of search queries.
George H. L. Fletcher, Jan Van den Bussche, Dirk Van Gucht, Stijn Vansummeren   pp. 201-211
[PDF] [DOI] Reconcilable differences.
Todd J. Green, Zachary G. Ives, Val Tannen   pp. 212-224
Business processes
[PDF] [DOI] Automatic construction of simple artifact-based business processes.
Christian Fritz, Richard Hull, Jianwen Su   pp. 225-238
[PDF] [DOI] Automatic verification of data-centric business processes.
Alin Deutsch, Richard Hull, Fabio Patrizi, Victor Vianu   pp. 252-267
Streams, data mining, complexity
[PDF] [DOI] Analysis of sampling techniques for association rule mining.
Venkatesan T. Chakaravarthy, Vinayaka Pandit, Yogish Sabharwal   pp. 276-283
[PDF] [DOI] Optimizing user views for workflows.
Olivier Biton, Susan B. Davidson, Sanjeev Khanna, Sudeepa Roy   pp. 310-323