Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT), Lausanne, Switzerland, 2010

Original publisher: ACM New York, ICPS - International Conference Proceedings Series, ISBN: 978-1-60558-947-3, Electronic Edition

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Invited papers

Research Sessions

Research sessions: optimization, indexing, and transactions
[PDF] [DOI] Foundations of SPARQL query optimization.
Michael Schmidt, Michael Meier, Georg Lausen   pp. 4-33
[PDF] [DOI] Efficient processing of 3-sided range queries with probabilistic guarantees.
Alexis C. Kaporis, Apostolos N. Papadopoulos, Spyros Sioutas, Konstantinos Tsakalidis, Kostas Tsichlas   pp. 34-43
[PDF] [DOI] A theoretical study of 'Snapshot Isolation'.
Ragnar Normann, Lene T. Østby   pp. 44-49
Research sessions: probabilistic databases
[PDF] [DOI] Aggregate queries for discrete and continuous probabilistic XML.
Serge Abiteboul, T.-H. Hubert Chan, Evgeny Kharlamov, Werner Nutt, Pierre Senellart   pp. 50-61
[PDF] [DOI] Querying parse trees of stochastic context-free grammars.
Sara Cohen, Benny Kimelfeld   pp. 62-75
[PDF] [DOI] Probabilistic data exchange.
Ronald Fagin, Benny Kimelfeld, Phokion G. Kolaitis   pp. 76-88
Research sessions: views, inclusion, and equivalence
[PDF] [DOI] Synthesizing view definitions from data.
Anish Das Sarma, Aditya G. Parameswaran, Hector Garcia-Molina, Jennifer Widom   pp. 89-103
[PDF] [DOI] k-jump strategy for preserving privacy in micro-data disclosure.
Wen Ming Liu, Lingyu Wang, Lei Zhang   pp. 104-115
[PDF] [DOI] Bag equivalence of XPath queries.
Sara Cohen, Yaacov Y. Weiss   pp. 116-128
Research sessions: data exchange 1
[PDF] [DOI] Composition with target constraints.
Marcelo Arenas, Ronald Fagin, Alan Nash   pp. 129-142
[PDF] [DOI] On the tradeoff between mapping and querying power in XML data exchange.
Shun'ichi Amano, Claire David, Leonid Libkin, Filip Murlak   pp. 155-164
Research sessions: logic and XPath
[PDF] [DOI] The complexity of rooted phylogeny problems.
Manuel Bodirsky, Jens K. Mueller   pp. 165-173
Research sessions: data exchange 2
[PDF] [DOI] Mapping polymorphism.
Ryan Wisnesky, Mauricio A. Hernández, Lucian Popa   pp. 196-208
[PDF] [DOI] Composing local-as-view mappings: closure and applications.
Patricia C. Arocena, Ariel Fuxman, Renée J. Miller   pp. 209-218
Research sessions: session 7
[PDF] [DOI] Data correspondence, exchange and repair.
Gösta Grahne, Adrian Onet   pp. 219-230
[PDF] [DOI] On the aggregation problem for synthesized web services.
Ting Deng, Wenfei Fan, Leonid Libkin, Yinghui Wu   pp. 242-251