Advances in Database Technology - EDBT 1992, 3rd International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Vienna, Austria, March 23-27, Proceedings

Original publisher: Springer Verlag, LNCS - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume: 580, ISBN: 3-540-55270-7, Electronic Edition

Invited Papers

Research Sessions

Visual Interfaces and Multimedia Techniques
[DOI] Concepts for Graph-Oriented Object Manipulation.
Marc Andries, Marc Gemis, Jan Paredaens, Inge Thyssens, Jan Van den Bussche   pp. 21-38
[DOI] The Manchester Multimedia Information System.
Carole A. Goble, Michael O'Docherty, Peter Crowther, Mark Ireton, John P. Oakley, Costas S. Xydeas   pp. 39-55
[DOI] Query by Visual Example - Content based Image Retrieval.
Kyoji Hirata, Toshikazu Kato   pp. 56-71
Deductive Databases
[DOI] Optimization of Linear Logic Programs Using Counting Methods.
Sergio Greco, Carlo Zaniolo   pp. 72-87
[DOI] Generalized Bottom-Up Query Evaluation.
Stefan Brass, Udo W. Lipeck   pp. 88-103
Schema Updatability
[DOI] Multiple Substitutability Without Affecting the Taxonomy.
Guido Moerkotte, Andreas Zachmann   pp. 120-135
[DOI] Theoretical Aspects of Schema Merging.
Peter Buneman, Susan B. Davidson, Anthony Kosky   pp. 152-167
Object-Oriented Databases
[DOI] Supporting Access Control in an Object-Oriented Database Language.
Rafiul Ahad, James Davis, Stefan Gower, Peter Lyngbæk, Andra Marynowski, Emmanuel Onuegbe   pp. 184-200
[DOI] CQL++: A SQL for the Ode Object-Oriented DBMS.
Shaul Dar, Narain H. Gehani, H. V. Jagadish   pp. 201-216
[DOI] Retrieval of Complex Objects.
W. Bruce Croft, Howard R. Turtle   pp. 217-229
Updating in Deductive Databases and Knowledge Bases
[DOI] Evolution of Knowledge Bases.
Domenico Saccà, Brigitte Verdonk, Dirk Vermeir   pp. 230-244
[DOI] The Events Method for View Updating in Deductive Databases.
Ernest Teniente, Antoni Olivé   pp. 245-260
[DOI] Implementation of Delayed Updates in Heraclitus.
Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Richard Hull, Dean Jacobs   pp. 261-276
Indexing Techniques
[DOI] Adaptive and Automated Index Selection in RDBMS.
Martin R. Frank, Edward Omiecinski, Shamkant B. Navathe   pp. 277-292
[DOI] Performance of On-Line Index Construction Algorithms.
V. Srinivasan, Michael J. Carey   pp. 293-309
[DOI] Hybrid Index Organizations for Text Databases.
Christos Faloutsos, H. V. Jagadish   pp. 310-327
Parallel Processing
[DOI] Sampling Issues in Parallel Database Systems.
S. Seshadri, Jeffrey F. Naughton   pp. 328-343
[DOI] Parallelism For High Performance Query Processing.
Vincent G. Winters   pp. 344-356
Distributed Databases
[DOI] Fragmentation of Recursive Relations in Distributed Datbases.
Sakti Pramanik, David T. Kao, David Vineyard   pp. 389-404
Knowledge Bases
[DOI] A Geometric Approach to Indexing Large Rule Bases.
Timos K. Sellis, Chih-Chen Lin   pp. 405-420
[DOI] Database Support for Problematic Knowledge.
Werner Kießling, Helmut Thöne, Ulrich Güntzer   pp. 421-436
[DOI] A Knowledge-Based Approach to Statistical Query Processing.
Carla Basili, Roberto Basili, Leonardo Meo-Evoli   pp. 437-452
Transaction Processing
[DOI] A Non-Restrictive Concurrency Control for Object Oriented Databases.
Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi   pp. 469-482
[DOI] An Execution Model for Distributed Database Transactions and Its Implementation in VPL.
eva Kühn, Franz Puntigam, Ahmed K. Elmagarmid   pp. 483-498
Query Processing
[DOI] Pipelined Query Processing in the DBGraph Storage Model.
Philippe Pucheral, Jean-Marc Thévenin   pp. 516-533
[DOI] Optimizing Object-Oriented Datbase Queries using Cost-Controlled Rewriting.
Georges Gardarin, Rosana S. G. Lanzelotte   pp. 534-549