Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT), Prague, Czech Republic, 1995

Original publisher: Springer Verlag, LNCS - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume: 893, ISBN: 3-540-58907-4, Electronic Edition

Invited Papers

Research Sessions

[DOI] Distributed Query Optimization in Loosly Coupled Multidatabase Systems.
Silvio Salza, Giovanni Barone, Tadeusz Morzy   pp. 40-53
Nonmonotonic Semantics I
[DOI] Querying Disjunctive Database Through Nonmonotonic Logics.
Piero A. Bonatti, Thomas Eiter   pp. 68-81
[DOI] DATALOG Queries with Stratified Negation and Choice: from P to D.
Sergio Greco, Domenico Saccà, Carlo Zaniolo   pp. 82-96
Query Languages I
[DOI] On Two Forms of Structural Recursion.
Dan Suciu, Limsoon Wong   pp. 111-124
[DOI] Delta-Languages for Sets and sub-PTIME Graphs Transformers.
Vladimir Yu. Sazonov, Alexei Lisitsa   pp. 125-138
Concurrency Control
[DOI] Partial Strictness in Two-Phase Locking.
Eljas Soisalon-Soininen, Tatu Ylönen   pp. 139-147
[DOI] Unified Transaction Model for Semantically Rich Operations.
Radek Vingralek, Haiyan Ye, Yuri Breitbart, Hans-Jörg Schek   pp. 148-161
Advanced Models
[DOI] Sorted HiLog: Sorts in Higher-Order Logic Data Languages.
Weidong Chen, Michael Kifer   pp. 252-265
Probabilistic Methods
[DOI] The Average Length of Keys and Functional Dependencies in (Random) Databases.
János Demetrovics, Gyula O. H. Katona, Dezsö Miklós, Oleg Seleznjev, Bernhard Thalheim   pp. 266-279
[DOI] Uniformly-Distributed Random Generation of Join Orders.
César A. Galindo-Legaria, Arjan Pellenkoft, Martin L. Kersten   pp. 280-293
[DOI] A Probabilistic View of Datalog Parallelization.
Sérgio Lifschitz, Victor Vianu   pp. 294-307
Constraints and Dependencies
[DOI] A First Step Towards Implementing Dynamic Algebraic Dependencies.
Nicole Bidoit, Sandra de Amo   pp. 308-321
[DOI] Constraint-Generating Dependencies.
Marianne Baudinet, Jan Chomicki, Pierre Wolper   pp. 322-337
[DOI] Optimization Using Tuple Subsumption.
Venky Harinarayan, Ashish Gupta   pp. 338-352
Nonmonotonic Semantics II
[DOI] Revision Programming, Database Updates and Integrity Constraints.
V. Wiktor Marek, Miroslaw Truszczynski   pp. 368-382
Query Languages III
[DOI] Approximation in Databases.
Leonid Libkin   pp. 411-424
[DOI] Datalog Queries of Set Constraint Databases.
Peter Z. Revesz   pp. 425-438
[DOI] Space Usage in Functional Query Languages.
Serge Abiteboul, Gerd G. Hillebrand   pp. 439-454


[DOI] Tutorial on Parallel Database Systems.
Gerhard Weikum   pp. 33-37